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Group Team building Watersport Session at Bawsey

Corporate & Team Building


Corporate events that include watersport activities can be a great thing for several reasons. First and foremost, these types of activities offer a unique and exciting experience for participants, which can help to break up the monotony of the typical workday routine. This can help to boost morale and create a more positive and energized atmosphere in the workplace.

If you're looking for an exhilarating team-building experience, look no further than Bawsey Bay Watersports. We offer something for everyone and guarantee to make the most of this stunning and unique lakeside environment. From a half-day session of approximately 2.5 hours of fun on (or in!) the water, to a tailor-made package that caters to your particular interests, abilities, and team-building requirements, we have it all. Make the most of this one-of-a-kind opportunity and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Watersports Activities for Team Building in Norfolk

We offer the widest selection of water sports activities, from group multi-activities such as sailing, paddleboarding, kayaking, Canadian canoeing, and windsurfing. Located in the heart of Norfolk, just outside Kings Lynn, we are a premier water sports centre that provides exciting and enjoyable activities for you and your friends. Our comprehensive services are all organized under one roof, so you can sit back, relax, and make the most of your time with us.

The Perfect Location for your Corporate or Team Building Event

Bawsey Bay Watersports is nestled in a picturesque waterfront setting within the exclusive grounds of Bawsey Estate and Country Park – boasting access to a 60-acre lake and sandy beaches that provide the ideal backdrop for your team-building or corporate event.

Group Watersports Session in Norfolk.jpg

Group Watersports Activities in Norfolk

Duration: 2.5hrs
Cost: £60pp based on a minimum of eight people

All equipment provided including buoyancy aid, wetsuit and tuition


Choose from a single activity, or a multi-activity package from the options below:


Activities available
- Sit on top kayaks (single & double)

- Stand up paddleboards

- Canadian Canoes

- Raft Building

- Windsurfing
- Sailing

Overall, corporate events that include watersport activities can be a great way to promote team building, physical wellness, and overall employee satisfaction. Bawsey Bay offers an exciting experience that can help to break up the monotony of the workday while also fostering important skills and relationships among colleagues.

Pre-booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Looking for an exciting and unique way to elevate your team building or corporate event? Look no further than Bawsey Bay Watersports! With the power to unite, motivate, and inspire, our watersport activities offer the perfect solution for teams looking to break out of the ordinary. So why choose us? Here are the top three reasons: teamwork-building fun, high-energy engagement, and unforgettable memories that will have your team talking for years to come!

Choose Bawsey Bay Watersports for your next event and dive into a world of adventure!

Improves communication skills: Watersport activities also require clear and concise communication between team members, which can help to improve communication skills and reduce misunderstandings in the workplace.

Promotes teamwork and collaboration: Many watersport activities require participants to work together and communicate effectively to achieve a common goal. This helps to develop important teamwork and collaboration skills that can translate to the workplace.

Boosts morale and engagement: Participating in watersport activities can help to boost employee morale and increase engagement. By providing a fun and exciting experience, employees are more likely to feel satisfied with their work and connected to their colleagues.

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Where is Bawsey Bay located?

When entering the park, immediately turn right and follow the signs to the overflow carpark

we are located at the Great Lake. PE32 1EP

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